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Acorn Bags are hand-made in Southern California using traditional materials such as heavy-duty cotton duck, leather straps, and steel buckles. Each bag is made to order and is hand-cut, hand-riveted, stitched, and assembled by the husband/wife owners. I recently purchased an Acorn Small Handlebar Bag and 2 Strap Roll Bag.

Small Handlebar Bag
The Small Handlebar Bag is, well, a small handlebar bag. Like all their bags, it’s made from attractive, heavy cotton duck. It has two, short leather straps for attaching to the handlebar, and one longer strap for securing the top flap. Under the top flap is a zippered pocket large enough to hold a wallet, keys, small camera, and multi-tool. It’s a simple, functional bag, with its main feature being super clean and precise construction.

2 Strap Roll Bag
The 2 Strap Roll Bag is a sophisticated take on the old “burrito wrap” tool holder. It attaches to saddlebag loops such as those found on a Brooks saddle, and when the straps are unbuckled, the bag unfurls, exposing three zippered pockets that easily hold a spare tube, multi-tool, patch kit and tire irons. The leather logo tab also serves as a clip holder for a rear blinkie (the PB Superflash fits perfectly). Like the handlebar bag, the 2 Strap Roll Bag is beautifully constructed and should take on a nice patina as it wears-in over the years.

Because Acorn is such a small company, supply has not always met demand. As a consequence, they’ve undertaken an unusual order process as follows:

To avoid long wait times, I’ve decided to accept orders starting from the first of every month. When our monthly quota is met, I’ll stop taking orders until the beginning of the next month…and so on. That way, turnaround times are kept to a minimum and everyone knows that order taking will resume on the first of every month. Hopefully, this is a fair system (and will keep us sane).

Acorn Bags are very competitively priced, particularly considering they’re completely hand-made in the U.S. from high-quality materials. You have to jump through a hoop to get one, but if you don’t mind waiting until the first of the month to place your order, the turnaround time is reasonable and the owners are a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended.

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5 Responses to “Acorn Bags”

  • Perry says:

    Another vote for Acorn bags. Ron is a great guy. I have the small handlebar bag on my Tour Easy and it works great in that application.

  • Bob G says:

    Nice to read/hear another glowing endorsement for Acorn. Mutual pal, Tom, has also suggested considering an Acorn for 1 of my bikes. The detailed photos Alan has provided certainly help substantiate they are well-thought out and high quality bags. Thanks Alan, thanks Perry!

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  • Todd says:

    I love the Acorn bags
    The service from the sellers / makers is fantastic.
    Even though they don’t take back orders, Ron the owner was very helpful and was willing to let me know immediately when the bags I had wanted became available.

    The bags look great on the bike and are incredibly functional. This is the best small / medium saddle bag I have owned to date.

    I will definitely be buying more from them.

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