Gallery: Derek’s Electra Tandem w/Xtracycle Conversion

Our new Limo. Electra swing tandem with Xtracycle conversion. My wife works part time as a dental hygienist, and I have a home business, so we ride into her work, I drop her off and come home. We also run our errands, do our grocery shopping and of course go on hot dates on this beauty. Unbelievably smooth, comfortable ride and it does generate some bike conversation when stopped (and sometimes while riding). —Derek


  • Schwalbe Big Apple 26 x 2.35 tires for maximum flat protection and floating on air ride
  • Down low glow tubes for maximum nighttime visibility and coolness
  • Niterider Sol headlights (2)
  • Neversummer Eclipse Pintail longboard
  • Xtracycle trailer attachment
  • Xtracycle rock steady stand

[Derek is a professional photographer living and working in the Pacific Northwest. You can see his tricked-out, Xtracycled cruisers and other cool bikes at his gorgeous blog, —ed.]

5 Responses to “Gallery: Derek’s Electra Tandem w/Xtracycle Conversion”

  • Ian says:

    Wow, an Xtracycle that’s longer than mine! (I just built up an X with a RANS Street as the parent bike) That setup is wonderfully cool. Great lines on the frame of the tandem, nice choice.

  • andy parmentier says:

    i LOVE this tandem

  • jofegaber says:



  • Rick says:

    The picture of the glow tubes is one of my favorites so far…

  • Asa Dodsworth says:

    How’s it holding up?
    I want a longtail tandem bike for my household!!!
    The surly longtail frame says 400# limit,
    but that’s gotta be easy to exceed with a tandem longtail..

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