Gallery: Regis’ Hirondelle

There is quite a long time I follow the news on your blog, with great pleasure, and great interest. I decided to participate, and to submit one of my bicycles. It is a “granny”… An Hirondelle from the Manufacture des Armes et Cycles de Saint- Etienne I date from the 30’s, not sure about the exact year. I found it in a poor state, after years of use, but it was complete and just needed reparations to return on the road. I felt in love immediately, and decided to restore it. After nearly one year of work and many surprises, this is the result. I had to put new brakes for safety reasons, and a support on the front fender; the weight of the light, with the years, was about to break the fender. The bicycle has two gears, but you have to return the back wheel for gearing… The Ideale saddle is old, but I am not sure it is the original saddle. My “granny” is fine on the parisian streets, and I use it from time to time, turning with my other bicycles as a commuter, with an enormous joy. I just have now to restore the original pump, and leather tool bag. Hope you will appreciate!

Sincerely yours,

[What a beauty! —Alan]

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