Gallery: Kim’s Trek 720

This is a Trek 720 bicycle. Her name is Tina. I believe it was built in around 1983. I bought it in the fall of 2007. It came with a Sun Tour derailer and down tube friction shifters. This is my main commuter and around town errand bike. I have some major hills so I replaced the shifters with bar end shifters, deore derailer and mega ring on the back to help out.

I like the lugged frame and the neat little details that they don’t put on bikes any more. I think the funky mirror that came with the bike is cool. I started using power grip pedals last fall and really like them because I get some benefit of being attached to the pedal but can hop on the bike in any shoe.

I ride it to the gym for yoga. A woman at the gym once told me that I looked very hip riding with my yoga mat slung on my back. How is that for motivation to ride to the gym? It’s a chick magnet. Maybe she just meant I had big hips.

I think the Obama spoke card adds a nice touch.

I have five bicycles including a very nice expensive road bike but Tina is my favorite ride.


2 Responses to “Gallery: Kim’s Trek 720”

  • JASON.M says:

    Nibe bike!!! I have one I like alot also I put a full Ultegra group on it with 700c openpros Brooks seat Bluemels fenders and rear rack. These old Treks are so smooth they dont make them Like this anymore.

  • Al says:

    I have an old 720 too. It’s a real classic. It is such a fine riding machine. I bought the frame set and tricked it out myself.

    I built the wheels with 4X on small flange hubs to make for a softer ride. It’s been in storage due to a work injury. I have the tools to overhaul it. That might be a good project.

    It’s a mixture of Campy and Suntour equipment. It still has the Avocet seat and bar end shifters. It’s got a very wide ratio for the big climbs in Eastern Ky.

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