Gallery: Duram’s Truck D4

It´s my project and construction and is based on an LWB that can be used in big cities carrying weight and on long rides too. It’s the first recumbent in the world that has 2x 26″ wheels and full suspension and a strong rack to carry children, groceries, and can be ridden without holding the handlebar. It is very fast and very nice to ride in traffic as the pedals were figured to be above the sidewalk curbs and the handle bars are higher than cars mirrors. Many technical details that work well in an MTB were copied here, for instance: front wheel angle allowing handlebar free hide. —Duram

8 Responses to “Gallery: Duram’s Truck D4”

  • Perry says:


  • Scott says:

    I want one! Nicely done.


  • Chris from DE says:

    Wow, neat bike! I’ve never seen a no-handed recumbent picture before.

    What city is in the background of that picture? It looks really beautiful.

  • Joe3 says:

    Really cool, especially the no hands, I’d love to ride it……………

  • Geoff says:

    Are you going to produce these commercially? If not, you might consider a licensing agreement with a builder who would like to make & market it. I would suggest checking with Greg Peek at Longbikes in Denver, or the folks making the Tour-Easy.


  • andy parmentier says:

    fellow flyer,
    my name is andy flyer and you can see me riding no-hands at the spring creek recumbents site.
    it is sure nice to have company in the air. i feel we shall never clog the clouds with traffic up there.

  • John says:

    Love it! Please add me to the ‘I want one too!’ list.

  • Jack Jenkins says:

    Most Excellent!

    What does the bike weigh? Did you build it yourself.

    I’m looking for a recumbent that could handle the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route.

    I’ve done quite a bit of endurance mountain bike racing, but old enough and have enough wrist and thumb damage that I can no longer mtb. Grrrrrr. Looking for an alterntive to get me back into the back country.


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