Gallery: Dartanyon’s 1984 Centurion Elite GT

My bike is certainly not a Pashley or a Velorbis, but it is beautiful (at least to me) and it rides like warm butter … oh so smooth. It’s a 1984 Centurion Elite GT. 18 Speeds of original Suntour love. I’ve added new bars, stem, pedals, converted to bar end shifters, new levers and shifters, and tossed a new rack on to make going to get groceries a little easier. Since it’s summer in Seattle, the fenders and lights are off at the moment. It’s my daily ride, and only (road) bike. It takes me 26 miles round trip every day to my job, and of course makes all the grocery store runs (as well as, chinese, pizza, and fish and chips). I hope you’ll add it to the gallery! And send me some pedals… (I’m building a LHT for my wife!) —Dartanyon

5 Responses to “Gallery: Dartanyon’s 1984 Centurion Elite GT”

  • andy parmentier says:

    i dreamed that my name was dontagnan. my friend told me, “oh, that’s like DARtagnan of the 3 musketeers” (this was many years ago-7 or 8?)

  • andy parmentier says:

    and my first name is DONald. and i’m donald the that’s 3 of us all right

    -donald andrew

  • meli says:

    wow this is gorgeous, it does smooth as butter.

  • John says:

    I have the same bike, same color. Excellent commuter and used it on a four day tour of the Central Coast of California.

  • Ed says:

    I have the same bike. I’ve put about 75,000 miles on it. About a quarter of it was heavy touring. I was commuting to work last month and I felt my rear wheel wobble. Frame broke at the rear dropout on the freewheel side. Sad but it has been a great work horse for me for 25 years.

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