The Streets of Bangalore

“The Thinker” © Dick Brooks (all rights reserved)

Dick Brooks of ActionMedia sent me a wonderful set of photos from the streets of Bangalore, India.

I went out today a grabbed a few shots of bikes at work in India that you may like. It’s amazing how many of the Atlas rod brake bikes there are. Old, new, tons and tones of them. A brand new one goes for 3200 ruppees ($80).┬áSome geared bikes are around too, but this is a very flat area, no need for gears.┬áNote in many cases the bike is being used to hang cargo and is pushed, not always ridden… however when all the fruit and coconuts are sold it is ridden back home.

—Dick Brooks, Minneapolis, MN / Bangalore, India

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  • andy parmentier says:

    started a book set in india just today


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