Gallery: Jason’s Gary Fisher Mt. Tam

This is my 1996 Gary Fisher Mt. Tam. You may be struck at first by the fact that it is a mountain bike – you are 100% correct – but make no mistake, this is a “transportational” bike… My wife and I work at the same place, but have different ideas on what a reasonable time to leave work is.  This led to the ridiculous situation of taking two cars for the 32 mile round trip – even when we left at the same time in the morning!

Through a long chain of events I came to realize that this arrangement was not a problem – it was a beautiful opportunity.  Now, 4+ times a week I pop off my front tire, throw my trusty mount in the trunk and carpool into work. At the end of the day I leave as early as I see fit and ride the 16 miles home (with new routes growing that to 20+).  I get my exercise, fresh air, and still tend to beat my wife home. All without having to worry about riding in the morning (of course they _do_ have showers at work… Hmmmmm).

Though it is a mountain bike – it prefers the term “road warrior”.  My route home is all on the road, but the asphalt can get rough (it reminds me that we do have winters, and I will be facing them eventually).  As my friend (a fellow Judy shox owner) says: I have the suspension to say “I don’t, but I _could_”.  The terrain can be rolling to very flat depending on the route, but it always ends in the 1 mile of 8% grade to my house. This year I’m getting a recumbent (so I can see the sights), but I’ve been surprised how used to this upright I’ve become.


  • Bontrager Race 5deg handlebar / seat post / pedals
  • Shimano LX front / XT rear
  • Rock Shox Judy XC
  • v-brakes front / rear
  • Super-comfy Oury grips (gloves? I don’t need gloves)
  • “be seen” lights / Cyclecomp / mirror / seat pack
  • Specialized Crossroads Armadillo 1.95″ tires (my only “road” conversion – which gives me higher pressure and a continuous center-tread)

Thanks for the great blog! —Jason

5 Responses to “Gallery: Jason’s Gary Fisher Mt. Tam”

  • Chris from DE says:

    Cool, what kind of recumbent are you thinking about getting?

  • Righteous Metal Broad says:

    AH!!! That picture is messing with my head!! Cannot look away. Getting dizzy…


  • Jason says:

    The hypnotic powers of that picture have been mentioned to be before (since I have set it to my wallpaper).

    As far as the “which recumbent” question – the short answer is I don’t know. The long answer is, I have incessantly been reading online about the various form factors and manufacturers and still don’t know what the ultimate answer is. I’m planning a pilgrimage to The Bicycle Man in Alfred, NY and hope to find what is right.

    Complicating concerns include the need to climb hills (yes, yes – gear down and spin) and transporting the contraption via car. About the only person I’ve talked to in person sold his full recumbent for a forward crank. Would one of them make me happy? What about a Cruzbike? So… many… choices… ;)

  • aaron says:

    Would you be wiling to sell your gary fisher? e-mail me if so.

  • Brad M says:

    This is great. I have a Mt. Tam from (I think) 1996 as well and it’s such a great bike. I actually haven’t been able to ride it :( for several years as it is staying with a friend in my old hometown. I live in NYC and rule #1 is to never chain a bike you can’t afford to lose which my Gary Fisher is to me – irreplaceable. I rode that thing every day for nearly 10 years and I never had a single problem. This makes me really miss it. I almost want to get it up here just to have around but alas, I have not the space for another machine in my tiny apartment. Thanks for bringing back all the good memories and continue to enjoy it!

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