Gallery: Gérard’s M5 High Racer

This is my favourite bike, the Carbon High Racer from M5. It is a 9kg bike that is very stiff and climbing is a dream. I bought the frame last year and mount it myself with the components I choose. I put a carbon chainwheel from Stronglight and caliper brakes from M5 with their special brake lever. The braking is very strong and the bike is so stable when the speed increase that you feel very confident.

I use it in summer with two side bags when I go to my workplace, and during the week-end with friends. —Gérard

4 Responses to “Gallery: Gérard’s M5 High Racer”

  • Roland Smith says:

    Very nice! In my opinion no bicycle looks sleeker than a carbon framed recumbent.

    Since I’m used to recumbents with rear suspension, I wonder how comfortable the ride is?

  • Gerard says:

    It is a race bike, very stiff when you push on the pedals but the frame has some flex with high wheels to give comfort on rough roads.

  • David Cambon says:

    Gérard there is an M5 High Racer thread in the Ultra Cycling subsection on the Bentrider Online message board. All those people, including myself, would be interested to read what you have to say about the M5 High Racer in that context.

    M5 High Racer on BROL

    One question I have is if the bike will stand up to hard use and high mileage or will it be like most carbon bikes that tend to have a short life.

  • Evan says:

    Carbon frames have very very long fatigue resistance actually. Perhaps you have seen poorly constructed carbon frames?

    For example, I have a 20 year old upright carbon Kestrel that I raced all over Europe and the States. It is still perfect!

    The M5 High Racer is made by finite analysis, that is, it is not made to be fragile at all, rather it is stiff and durable where it needs to be and flexible and durable where it needs to be, thus it is still as light as possible without reduced strength and long life.

    Hope this helps!

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