Gallery: Gérard’s Lightning P38

Here are the photos of my 10 years old P38. It was my first recumbent bike and it is still a wonderful bike. I use it now with two panniers to make the groceries and when I need to go in town. It is so versatile and fast, that I have no problem to be in the traffic. Before I had the velomobile I put on it the F40 fairing and I could increase my speed by 30%, but it was very sensitive in the wind, so now I use the fairing when I do some races here.

Regards —Gérard

2 Responses to “Gallery: Gérard’s Lightning P38”

  • Roger says:


    Thanks for sharing. My first recumbent was also a P-38, I got it in 1999 and it’s the bike I still ride the most. It, like your’s also sports a F-40 fairing, when the fairing is not on the Lightning R-84. I agree, the P-38 is a great bike, mine’s sitting in the bike rack in front of work this morning as I cool down from the ride in.

  • Loren Hackerott says:

    How about a source for the wheel disks?

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