Gallery: Gérard’s Rudge & Whitworth

This my vintage 3 speeds 1953 Rudge & Whitworth, with rod brakes and Dynohub generator in the rear wheel. I bought some years ago an original Baycliff saddle bag and the Brook saddle is new. This bike was my father’s bike and was in poor conditions when I took it. So I decided to give it a new life.
It is a great pleasure to ride it and I don’t need to be in lycra when I take it. I use it mainly when I go to the restaurant or for small rides.

Sorry for my bad english, I live in Switzerland and I like your blog. Keep the good work on! —Gérard

One Response to “Gallery: Gérard’s Rudge & Whitworth”

  • mac says:

    hey can you do me a favor, i want to build a custom bike this winter and i was looking for some good ideas for brake mechanism. do you have any more pictures of the brakes from handle bars down?
    this bike is fantastic, keep ahold of it!

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