Gallery: Gérard’s Quest Velomobile

This is my everyday bike: the velomobile Quest from I use it for commuting to my workplace 22km each way. It is very cool and I can load it with plenty of stuff that is protected from dirt and rain. It is a recumbent trike completely faired and with a good suspension. I can ride it very fast and have no problem with the weather. During the summer I prefer to use my other open bikes.

Last year I make the PBP [Paris-Brest-Paris —ed.] with it; it was a great experience. The bike is very strong and reliable. —Gérard

4 Responses to “Gallery: Gérard’s Quest Velomobile”

  • Rick says:

    The photo with the sunflower is my favorite entry so far…nice looking velo!

  • Scott says:

    Wow–a PBP in a Velomobile? I’d love to hear how that went. Have you written a story about your experience on that ride? Maybe you could do a write up over at I’d love a velomobile, but the hills and usually dry weather here make them unnecessary.

    Keep on riding.


  • Gerard says:

    For Scott, you can visit my website but it is in french, maybe one of these days I will translate it!



  • Gerard says:

    Sorry, I thought it would be published:


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