Amazing Little Things

An amazing little thing we would’ve missed had we driven a car instead of riding our bikes today.

5 Responses to “Amazing Little Things”

  • Slo joe Recumbo says:

    So true…..nice Alan…very nice

  • Alan says:

    Thanks Joe. I happen across so many amazing things (like this Damselfly) while I’m riding that I’m going to create a new category and start posting them here.

  • Joe3 says:

    One of my favorites, I do see lots of them while kayaking.

  • Duane says:

    cool. i just saw a rerun of an episode on pbs here in nw oregon about dragon flies. i don’t recall which program but the dragon fly has been around a long time. bet he (or she) was more happy to see you on a bike than in your car, huh?

  • John Williams says:

    lovely pictures of the quest I can’t wait to get my quest next year then I will plan a long tour.

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