Gallery: Honza’s WAW

I have moved from Uhersky Brod, where AZUB is located to the town of Uherske Hradiste which is aprox. 20 km far, so I have to commute each day. I bought used WAW for this purpose. It is one with number 008, what means one of first which were produced. It is equiped with Rohloff 14-speed hub and Sutrmey Archer drum brakes.

It is perfect machine and I like it. It is fast outside the town, the only problem comes when you need to stop and go. Because it is much heavier than a normal bike (my one weights around 35 kg), you have to push like hell to get the speed. But than….Great! I have also realize that it is pretty low what means almost invisible in trafiice quite often, what is definnetely not good. So I change the color to yellow and thanks to some sponsors I could pay the price. I also plan to add some side lights and some other light which will be higher than the current top of the velomobile.

For those who would be thinking about such machine I recommend something higher into traffic and also electric assist can be a solution. But I want to practise and to loose some fat. I was riding bike everyday when I was a student and I used the bike for quite long transportation, but after I started to work for AZUB I spend hours and hours in front of the computer screen and I do not have a time to ride much. This is also a reason why I am about 5 kg heavier than before. I see a big chance for me to commute by bike to get more healthy and I have realized already that I am almost adict. When I do not go to work by bike (velomobile) I feel quite bad.

And the other big feature is that you are completely covered. What means no rain, no cold, no snow… That was the main reason why I bought it.

Great ride to work to all of you! —Honza

4 Responses to “Gallery: Honza’s WAW”

  • Loren Hackerott says:

    I’ve ridden on one velomobile. It was very noisey inside. I think they look cool, but would not want to be trapped inside with the noise.

  • honza galla says:

    I usualy hear some nice music from mp3. Than I do not hear the noise. But there are some possible ways how to improve that.

  • andy parmentier says:

    a beanana! (there was a velomobile called the BEAN)
    i am a big big fan of the tadpole velomobile.

  • Alexander López says:

    I understand the WAW can be dismantled for transportation. Yours look like a fun ride!

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