Gallery: Joe’s 2007 Easy Racer’s Gold Rush

Did I mention “EDOARDO’S” girl friend has a half sister Goldie? —Joe

Gallery: Iain’s “Stick” Recumbent

Having started to commute to work at least twice a week initially by mountain bike, I wondered if there was a better way. A week or two of research I began to wonder if lying down on the job seemed like a good idea. Though not sure if I would like it I didn’t spend a fortune, I bought a “Stick,” a USS 24 speed recumbent bike from a shop in Norfolk called Power & Leisure. Laced with various goodies to make the commute (a 25 mile round trip mostly on country lanes from my town in rural Aberdeenshire to Aberdeen city) as easy as possible.  The trip to work is over many a hill and finding my recumbent legs was a challenge. It took me a month of twice a week to get the same time as on my MTB, the time is now getting better!

The photos show it off with the accessory bag on the back of the seat and a double pannier, mud guards (fenders), mirror (which I find essential as I cannot turn my head far enough to see behind me and guessing is too dangerous), also attached is our Cargo II trailer which we use for some of our shopping trips to the local supermarket. So far I have upgraded the reat deraileur to a Shimano Deore LX and Shimano SPD pedals (what a difference they made), in time I would like to upgrade the rear wheel and hub but for now it does okay.

At work I am the CycleScheme co-ordinator, this is a UK govenment scheme to promote the use of bike for commuting, where the employees benefit from up to 50% off the retail price by the use of a salary sacrifice system. More details at Because of this I feel its important to my colleagues that I lead from the front and how better than using a recumbent as it promotes lots of questions about whether its “safer” “comfortable” “not for me” or whatever… it definately gets a lot of attention and starts many discussions about cycling so I think its working.

The “Stick” has now covered nearly 300 miles most of which have been commuting and I hope to continue to use it through most of the year hence the fenders. —Iain

CBS Sunday Morning: Pedal Power

This is the best piece I’ve seen on cycling to come out of the national media. It’s well worth a watch.

Gallery: Manny’s Cannondale Bad Boy Longtail

Got a really good deal on a brand new 2006 Cannondale Bad Boy Si from our Cannondale area rep. The bike is a stock build with the exception of 185mm disc brakes in front and (changed since photo) On-One Mary handlebars. We made a longbike out of it with an Xtracycle conversion kit along with 203mm rear disc brakes. Also added tandem-stoker handlebars for our snapdeck passengers.

The primary purpose for this bike is to transport our grandchildren to and from school. Of course we’ve been riding just for fun too. Our youngest is a shorty and his feet would just dangle so I made some mini-me footsies for him and attached them to the no longer used rear v-brake studs. Just as much fun are the grocery,  hardware store and post office trips we’ve made on it. It is one excellent machine! —Manny

Surly Peppers

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the colors and all too obvious play on words.

Bike Commuting “How To” Guides

The best bike commuting “how to” guides on the web are Ken Kifer’s and Paul Dorn’s. If you read these two guides you’ll know far more than what’s required to be a successful bike commuter:

And if you’ve been thinking about trying bike commuting but there always seems to be a reason not to, Ken Kifer’s Problems and Solutions to Riding a Bike to Work may be just what you need to get jump started.

EcoVelo Bike Gallery Giveaway

The EcoVelo Gallery is a community project comprised of photos of transportational/utility bikes* submitted by readers from all over the world. To show my appreciation and encourage submissions, I’m currently running a little raffle. Here’s the deal: I have 3 pairs of lightly used Speedplay Frog SS pedals that I’m raffling off to 3 lucky winners. All you have to do is send me 4-6 photos of your bike, accompanied by a brief description of how you use it, and your name will be thrown into the hat for the drawing. If you have more than one bike you use for transportation, feel free to submit multiple (separate) entries – I’ll enter a ticket for each bike you submit. When we reach 100 gallery entries I’ll draw three names and ship the pedals to the winners. The sooner we fill the gallery, the sooner I pick the winners, so spread this around and tell your fellow bike commuters. Let’s build a gallery!

>>Visit the Bike Gallery Submission Guidelines page to submit your entry.

*A “tranportational/utility” bike is any bike used for commuting, running errands, etc. It doesn’t matter what kind of bike it is and it doesn’t have to be “fancy”; what matters is that it’s regularly used in place of a car for some practical purpose.

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