Byrne’s Bike Racks

I’ve been a fan of David Byrne’s going all the way back to his work with Brian Eno and the Talking Heads. What many people don’t know is that he’s a long time bike rider and advocate for cycling. Recently he’s been asked to judge a bike rack design contest in New York City. Being the creative fellow that he is, he couldn’t help but join in and design a few himself. Watch the video to see what he came up with.

4 Responses to “Byrne’s Bike Racks”

  • kevin E says:

    Nice video Alan. Thanks.

  • Jym says:

    =v= I’m glad David Byrne showed the reporter how to upgrade his lock, and not to just lock the front wheel!

    The “klunky, sticker-covered mountain bike” looks like a foldable Montague to me.

  • andy parmentier says:

    david byrne was on the movie soundtrack i saw last night. were it not for space limitations..has anyone ever done a literal ROCK bike rack?

  • bill says:

    lol, he locked his ulock to his wheel

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