Gallery: Manny’s Cannondale Bad Boy Longtail

Got a really good deal on a brand new 2006 Cannondale Bad Boy Si from our Cannondale area rep. The bike is a stock build with the exception of 185mm disc brakes in front and (changed since photo) On-One Mary handlebars. We made a longbike out of it with an Xtracycle conversion kit along with 203mm rear disc brakes. Also added tandem-stoker handlebars for our snapdeck passengers.

The primary purpose for this bike is to transport our grandchildren to and from school. Of course we’ve been riding just for fun too. Our youngest is a shorty and his feet would just dangle so I made some mini-me footsies for him and attached them to the no longer used rear v-brake studs. Just as much fun are the grocery,  hardware store and post office trips we’ve made on it. It is one excellent machine! —Manny

One Response to “Gallery: Manny’s Cannondale Bad Boy Longtail”

  • Nanda says:

    Looks great Manny!!! I think you have a phone call to make to ExtraCycle for the Footies…pure genius. I could also see some paw print patterned grit paper and a little heal catch lip eh.

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