Bike Commuting “How To” Guides

The best bike commuting “how to” guides on the web are Ken Kifer’s and Paul Dorn’s. If you read these two guides you’ll know far more than what’s required to be a successful bike commuter:

And if you’ve been thinking about trying bike commuting but there always seems to be a reason not to, Ken Kifer’s Problems and Solutions to Riding a Bike to Work may be just what you need to get jump started.

6 Responses to “Bike Commuting “How To” Guides”

  • Rick says:

    Thanks for those two really great resourses, Alan! Much appriciated…

  • no says:

    Just a brief comment on some of the equipment advice – Paul Dorn refers to the 85% figure which is only suppoerted by the wholly discredited “Thompson, Rivara & Thompson” paper. See . Ken Kifer’s approach seems far more sensible in this aspect.

  • Rick says:

    While I agree with the analysis that helmets don’t protect you against the majority of life-threatening accidents and that helmets are not usually the first thing that contacts the ground (your hands), what is the disadvantage to wearing a helmet? Can it actually harm you to be wearing one?

  • MikeOnBike says:

    Rick says: “what is the disadvantage to wearing a helmet? Can it actually harm you to be wearing one?”

    It’s not the wearing, it’s the harping. Making too big a deal about them does two harmful things:

    1. It paints cycling as a risky activity.
    2. It paints cycling risks as fatalistic.

    But cycling is not especially risky. And many of the risks, like right-hooks and doorings, are preventable by the cyclist.

  • Alan says:


    You’re very welcome! :-)

  • Rick says:

    I found this website on a google search for touring bike:

    While some of the links don’t work, it is a great reference on choosing a bike for commuting, and has much information on other related subjects as well…

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