A Bad Rap

One of our friends from the blogosphere seems to be under the impression that we’ve given up on recumbents altogether, but nothing could be further from the truth. To prove it, here’s a photo of our Screamer tandem, our #1 touring and country-road-cruising ride. It’s still the greatest vehicle ever made for bringing out the best in a relationship (or the worst, depending upon who you talk to… LOL). It’s not much of a city bike, but we’re saving it for the day we’re able to take a tour up the coast or do some island hopping in the San Juans. In the meantime, we dust it off now-and-again and take a cruise just to make sure we haven’t forgotten how to ride it. It’s a wonderful machine.

5 Responses to “A Bad Rap”

  • Vik says:

    hahaha….but, essentially in a given month you ride upright bikes 99% o your miles and bents less than 1% – no? I’d say EZ has a point. You’re still a bent enthusiast without actually being a bent rider. No shame in that.

  • Alan says:

    You got me. :-)

  • Randy Schlitter says:

    What is interesting is how much harder it is to intergrate the bents into everyday “truck” use. Short of towing a trailer, there is little comparison to what you can haul on a CF or DF.

  • Roland Smith says:

    My Challenge Hurricane recumbent (look in the gallery) is principally used for everyday hauling groceries and commuting. Standard luggage room is 30 litres provided by a large radical design allfa bag(1). I also have a 55 litres set of panniers that I could add, but I’ve never felt the need.

    Most European recumbents with the exception of true racing bikes either come with a rack or can be factory fitted with one. Models with 24/26 inch wheels usually have racks for lowrider bags.

    (1) http://www.radicaldesign.nl/en/products/recumbentbags/allfa_top_bags.php

  • Zach says:

    I’ve been using recumbents as my primary day to day transportation since 1992. I have a trailer for oversize loads but seldom find a need for it as I can usually fit my groceries and such into panniers. I have seen some photos of recumbents with Xtracycle conversions but haven’t felt a need to do that for my own transportation uses as the trailer works fine for occasional oversize loads and it is hard to justify the expense storage room of having a complete bike specifically for carrying oversize loads when trailers are relatively inexpensive and easy to store when not in use.

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