No Respect

Britain’s Conservative Party leader David Cameron is a bicycle advocate and regular bike commuter. According to the NYT’s LEDE blog, one evening recently, while riding home from work, he stopped at a local grocery store to pick up some things for dinner and while he was in the store his bike was stolen. Apparently he needs to work on his bike locking technique:

According to a witness quoted by The Evening Standard, “a couple of kids hanging around” quickly saw their opportunity. In a swift motion, they demonstrated how Mr. Cameron’s bike-locking skills fall far short of his political prowess. “They just picked it up and ran off,” the witness said, referring to the bike and the chain.

Mr. Cameron was reportedly quite upset at “losing an old friend“:

If anyone has seen it I would very much like it back. To me it was absolutely priceless.

It appears that when it comes to thieves, political power has little pull. Let’s hope he gets his beloved bike back in good condition.

[via Streetsblog]

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