My Family Car is an SUB

In his piece titled My family car is an SUB and I love it, columnist Mark Benjamin describes how he “kicks carbon’s @ss” with his new FreeRadicaled RockHopper.

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3 Responses to “My Family Car is an SUB”

  • Rick says:

    Wow! That was alot of stuff…

  • Christopher Grant says:

    I’m impressed. As an American living in Scandinavia, I’ve rekindled my love for bicycle living and out here, they have plenty of larger ‘cargo bikes’ like the one in the video. Only difference, is that the ones out here have gone through more years of road testing and seem to be a little easier to use than the SUB.

    Good stuff though!

  • Gregor says:

    Great piece. However, you did not explain the converter which allowed you to run the blender–in which you appeared to make pina coladas. As a broader point, however, what I love about this piece is that it shows the reality of human powered output, which is something we have lost touch with in the age of oil. Thanks for the piece.

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