The Long Way Home

Wow, it was gorgeous yesterday. We had blue skies, puffy clouds and a cool breeze blowing in all the way from the coast (it made me anxious for Fall). It was a dramatic contrast to the smoke-filled 100+ days we had a few weeks ago. It was one of those days where you ride slow and take the long way home just because it’s such a pleasure to be outside on a bike and you don’t want it to end.

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  • Dale says:


    That’s pretty sneaky of you – to start a “food fight”, (two threads back), and then close the subject to comments. :- ) :- ) :- )

    I realize that you didn’t want to incite the carnivores: But you just left us “militant vegetarians” hangin’, with no canvas upon which to paint our concept of the “loving & nurturing” ideal.

    I know, I know, I’m in ‘bad taste’ here – (pun intended). ;- )

  • Greg McLean says:

    While I can certainly appreciate the benefit of a cool breeze & empathize with the pleasure of taking the long way home, please do not hasten the advent of fall. We’ve only just received summer here! (Grin)

    PS. This new “ecovelo” is a wonderful timely site & your pictures just keep getting better & better! (Has you classic TE been sold?)

  • Alan says:


    Sorry Greg, I’ll only wish for an early Fall here in NorCal. ;-)

    Re the TE – There seems to be plenty of interest, but we haven’t found quite the right home yet. I can’t believe the number of people wrote to chastise me for selling it though.. LOL.

  • Alan says:


    It’s a touchy subject that always seems to get everyone riled up. Oh well..

  • andy parmentier says:

    would you believe this? went for a long walk with my walking poles, down the MIDDLE of some quiet neighborhood streets last night. and noted in my pocket journal what a “MEATY” feeling on my arms and body, my hips. because you can really feel the poles just working your arms and hips.
    and also realized and duly noted the PSYCHOLOGICALLY “MEATY” FEELING of walking in the MIDDLE (as opposed to a SIDE SALAD SIDE WALK.)
    and then i check my inbox today and there it is-MEAT blog!
    i don’t mind riding on the side of the road, but it’s so much nicer-like a go-kart feeling-of riding a curvy river bike trail. you get to go fast and curvy, as opposed to controlled speeds in unnaturally straight lines-i’ve never gotten the hang of driving a car. still have no license.
    took a train thru sacramento and saw all that smoke. but also saw the cool irrigation canals up in the hills.

  • Alan says:

    @Greg (again)

    “PS. This new “ecovelo” is a wonderful timely site & your pictures just keep getting better & better! “

    Thanks Greg – I appreciate it. If you hadn’t noticed (I’m sure you did), my latest infatuation is with “panning shots”, where you use a relatively slow shutter speed (for bikes usually 1/25 or 1/30 of a second) and pan along with the action to capture the rider sharply but blur the background. It’s really hard to get the rider super sharp! As always, just having fun…


  • Greg McLean says:

    Alan – Yes, I had noticed your “panning shots” & was going to ask my camera savvy sis the best way to achieve them. Now I can just wow her with a few of my own, without first having to ask how! Thanks,

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