Bike Commuting on MSNBC

Here’s a good report on bike commuting from MSNBC.

6 Responses to “Bike Commuting on MSNBC”

  • Rick says:

    I liked it! I hope the DC bike share program is as successful as the French one. Although, I have to wander how many stations there are. My bro was just there for a Ron Paul rally, so I guess I could ask him if he noticed any…

  • Bob C says:

    That was a great introduction–now if someone would do a series (or at least an hour-long special) on what has worked in various cities/communities to encourage bicycling. . .

  • Dale says:

    I second Bob’s motion. An hour-long-special would be a GREAT service to our whole Nation.

    Better yet, a Series – perhaps to air once per month for the foreseeable future.

  • Nanda says:

    Great clip. Spotted one bentrider about 1/3rd of the way in when he says a “sea of cyclist” and it shows several rider heading across a bridge, the bent seat back is on the lower left.

    Bob C for President eh!!!

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  • Jeff says:

    Now they need to allow for trikes as well (for those of us who either can’t or choose not to ride 2 wheels). Although the one rack they showed would work, and most trails will as well.

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