Gallery: Rick Steele’s Pashley Guv’nor

My initial impressions:

OK my new Pashley Guv’nor may belong to the shop, but it’s MINE, MINE, MINE!… ┬áSomeone I believe it was Alan Barnard told me I shouldn’t weigh it. Well I did and to my surprise it only weighs 30.5 lbs and this is a 22.5″ frame size. I have just enough crotch clearance so a 24.5″ frame would be out of the question. My actual inseam is 35.5″. The effective top tube length is about 58cm which is just about right for my reach. The 125mm Cinelli stem is just a bit too long. I have a long quill 110 Nitto replacement on the way which will also let me raise the bar where I want it.

Just a little riding around near the bike shop on the milder hills convinced me that I may just leave the gearing alone, or maybe go to a slightly smaller chain ring. The ride is so sweet.┬áLastly this ain’t no beach cruiser as it can get up and go!

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7 Responses to “Gallery: Rick Steele’s Pashley Guv’nor”

  • jason says:

    that bike looks so much like my fixed gear, a bit more rake perhaps, now that I replaced the fork I bent mountain biking on it back when it was in fact a mountain bike…(peugeot canyon express) The drum brakes look awsome, really clean lines that way, at least my vintage mafacs look retro.
    those scorcher bars, how wide are they? mine are 48 cm, just flipped north road bars I found on an old forenza. not the best for a 10 % climb, but doable.
    Not a real upright ride, but thats what makes a path racer fast. Though I find that that style of bar can make the hands numb on a fifty or more mile ride.
    Wish I could afford one, but building sharp bikes out of junkers is my hobby anyway. though there is something about a brand new bike that feels good.

  • Kay Rigg says:

    Rick, where are the wheel wing nuts? This design isn’t complete without those wing nuts!

  • Rick says:

    Kay, soon as Pashley releases the new accessories for the Guv’nor I’ll have them wing nuts and perhaps some other items such as a stem or bar mounted bottle cage. I was thinking that I might need some retro clothing as well before hitting the bike trail on my new path racer :-)

  • Steve Fuller says:

    OMG. That is absolutely sweet. I’m going to have to figure out a way to get one of those in my garage….

  • urbanwookie says:

    I’m partial to the idea of hub brakes all-round but I’d never quite realised before how positively indecent a bicycle can look without the normal brake furniture covering the forks and seat stays!

    Perhaps an ornamental fig leaf might protect her modesty…

  • dees says:

    cruiser bicyclesGallery: Rick Steele’s Pashley Guv’nor

  • Andreas Schumacher says:

    What a wonderful bike!
    I`m going to get the 3-Speed version soon…
    Greetings from Germany!

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