Any Excuse Will Do

There’s this guy that used to despise running errands. He did so much driving during the week that by the time the weekend rolled around he’d had enough of it. He’d use any excuse to avoid making another car trip. To him, quick trips to the grocery store were a chore. Even his Sunday morning coffee & pastry outings were only so much fun because he couldn’t handle one more car trip.

But his family went car-lite and now it’s all different. Now he and his wife politely argue over who gets to make the trip by bike:

Pretending to be thoughtful, but really just itching for a ride, he says, “Honey, are you sure you don’t want me to ride over to the grocery store for that soy ice cream?”

Pretending she’s being nice, but really needing a ride herself, she says, “No, that’s OK, I’ll pick it up when I ride over to the library.”

Thinking fast to counter her rebuff (but sensing defeat), he says, “I’d be happy to go right now. Won’t the ice cream melt while you pick up the books?”

Dealing the last blow, she says, “I’ll pick it up on the way home.”

He momentarily gives up and thinks, “Damn, foiled again.” But being a persistent sort of guy and refusing to be dissuaded from taking a bike ride, he talks her into letting him tag along anyway to “keep an eye on the bikes” (yeah right). See, when it comes to a bike ride, any excuse will do…

6 Responses to “Any Excuse Will Do”

  • mike says:

    so so true…

  • Mary Buckwalter says:

    It is so true. I did my Saturday bike errands to the bank, post office and farmer’s market again. What a joy1 I had to take the car to Costco for the big stuff. Can’t get there safely by bike. What a pain! I’d rather go often for smaller purchases and have fun along the way. Seems the big store make you buy more just to waste more, too.

  • Alan says:

    That’s why I don’t live in Minnesota… :-)

  • Ricardo says:

    Since my accident (one year ago) I haven´t been able to ride my bicycles :( but as soon as get my wrists ok I´ll not need any excuse to ride. I´ll be riding for everything and for nothing…

    Great blog BTW ;)
    Have fun!

  • Spanky says:

    Maybe you should just go with her to keep her company, and watch her ride. After all, there’s nothing finer to see than an attractive woman riding a classy bike. Maybe you should stash a couple of spoons in your handlebar bag, then suggest to your woman that you find a nice tree to sit under on the way home and deal to some of that icecream.

    When you’re on bikes you don’t need excuses. And when you’re on bikes any kind of good thing can just happen off the cuff.

  • Alan says:


    I like the two spoon idea.. :-)

    Fact is, we ride together all the time, for no other reason than we like riding together. You said:

    “When you’re on bikes you don’t need excuses. And when you’re on bikes any kind of good thing can just happen off the cuff.”

    I agree!


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