A.N.T. Light Roadster 2008

Photo © Mike Flanigan

This is the 2008 Light Roadster from A.N.T. Mike Flanigan of A.N.T. calls it “…the best all round bike I have come up with.” I really like the looks of this bike. To my eye it exudes a particularly attractive understated elegance; a perfect blend of old and new. If I was in the market for a custom bike, an A.N.T. roadster would be on my short list.

There’s a more colorful version of this model in antbike’s photostream.

6 Responses to “A.N.T. Light Roadster 2008”

  • Bill Ford says:

    I have been riding my ANT Boston Roadster just about everywhere since May of 2004. With “only” a SRAM T-3 rear hub, I none the less prefer riding this black beauty than any of my deraileur cycles.

  • Bike Jax says:

    That is one beautiful bike.

  • andy parmentier says:

    listen up yous guys
    i told RANS to make a crankie 4-word without the little duhickey front derailleur post and they made the CITI.
    the curvy tubed CITI. and i talked to the sales gal at calhoun cycle in old minnie apple lis i’d like
    a two tone pannier-and now mr. schlitter sez hey guys we’re comin’ out wit some TIMBUK2 style
    hey! did the car industry ever make me feel so welcome? i feel the bike industry is MY “govt” my
    representatives that listen to THIS constituent.

    thankfully yours

    andy roo

  • andy parmentier says:

    p.s. sorry the sentiment don’t match exactly the post. shoulda put it under, “pashley GUV’NOR”!!!!!!

  • p smith says:

    I’ve had my LR since July 09, and am using it as primary daily transport. Mine was built up with triple/deraillers due to significant hills in my daily ride. It’s not as fast as my brother’s Madone but it’s incredibly comfortable, a great ride and perfect aesthetics. The front rack is perfect for a full briefcase, I use a small trunk on the back rack for rain gear and tools. Mike claims the LR will be the only bike you’ll want to ride, and in my case, that’s no exaggeration.

  • Alan says:

    @p smith

    Thanks for the report! I’m still trying to get my grubby paws on an LR for review, but Mike’s too busy building bikes to get one out to me… :-)

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