Cateye Uno

Cateye just announced the availability of their new “Uno” headlight. This looks like a fantastic little LED light that should make a great backup or “be seen” light. Specs as follows:

  • Flashing and constant modes
  • 60  hours run time in flashing mode
  • 15 hours run time in constant mode
  • Runs on 1 AA battery (included)
  • Water resistant
  • 400 Candlepower

Prior to the Uno coming out, my favorite backup headlight was the Cateye EL-410. The Uno is over twice as bright and runs on one AA battery instead of the EL-410’s three AAA batteries. Gotta’ love the ever-greater efficiency we’re seeing with modern LED emitters.

2 Responses to “Cateye Uno”

  • George Darroch says:

    Indeed. And the other great thing about improved technology is that existing tech has to lower its price to compete – so everyone wins – those who want the high end and those who haven’t got the money to spend

  • meli says:

    This looks sturdier than mine. Might have to check it out. Is it available in the US yet? couldnt find the price for it, Im assuming 40-50$USD>??
    The current cat-eye I have is pretty nice and has some of these features but doesn’t have the best grip and often tilts upwards, a bit too often and quite annoying.

    Went to their website and it is so cute they make this description: “…the perfect light for every day around-town commuting or for an emergency light for when you stay late at the café.” How they know I love cafes???? ;)

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