Big Dummy

9 Responses to “Big Dummy”

  • DON MARLAR says:

    Where is the Big Dummy . You go, guy.

  • Alexander López says:

    Great concept. I think as more people chose biking for doing their errands we’ll see more of these ‘utility’ bikes around. Nice video.

  • Roland Smith says:

    I like the small extra handlebars for the kids to hold on to. It’s a nice detail. But why is the back wheel so far out?

  • Bob Gong says:

    Hi Alan,
    very cool video. I think it has made a least 2 people I know of think even harder of how they could justify 1 of these to their significant others……. ;-)


  • andy parmentier says:

    sur ly big sur dummy sur coast a lot

  • Tom Robinette says:

    Hey Bob – I resemble that remark!

    BTW – I think we better be careful around this Alan guy, he seems to be one of those “enabler” types when it comes to bikes….


  • Alan says:

    I see it as my civic duty to help others keep their priorities straight:

    1. Bikes
    2. Food
    3. Kids’ college fund
    4. 401(k)
    5. You get the picture…

  • KevinH says:

    dude…was that McConaughey hangin’ off the board?

    Ok…sorry, delirium caused by smoke inhalation.. \:^)>

    Very cool bike in a SoCal meets Amsterdam sort of way.

  • Barbara Kilts says:

    Been seeing a ton of these wonderful machines this summer in PORTLAND! Extracycles, box bikes, racks and trailers all loaded up kids and stuff – very cool!

    BTW, the long wheelbase makes the bike capable of carrying far more then a standard bike.

    Yes, all of these bike goodies makes one drool!

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