Bike Delivery by Bike

Photo © Mike Flanigan

Mike Flanigan over at A.N.T. makes some of the most attractive utility bikes around (his Light Roadsters are absolutely stunning). Here’s a statement about his building philosophy:

Here at ANT we [Mike & Betsy] are set out to re-invent the “Roadster” style bike that is a conglomeration of Dutch, French and English style commuter bicycles, but built with American craftsmanship and with modern techniques and components.

We are also interested in promoting our bikes as not only commuter bicycles, but as everyday bicycles that can be used for any type of road or light trail/dirt road riding. A lightweight, but rugged bike with fattish tires and equipped with all the accouterments that you will need to travel comfortably, safely and to be able to carry the things that you need.

The other day he put his money where his mouth is by delivering a recently completed bike to a customer by towing it on a cargo trailer behind his bike. There’s something particularly cool about a builder delivering a handmade bike by towing it behind another handmade bike. To put icing on the cake, the trailer used to deliver the bike was rescued from a dumpster. Love it.

2 Responses to “Bike Delivery by Bike”

  • Val says:

    Way to go, Mike! I, also have delivered bikes by bike, and it always makes me smile.

  • meli says:

    talk about double happiness to be delivered a sweet ride in super style!
    thanks for the post this is fab!

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