Two Recumbents For Sale

Custom Tour Easy

This is my pride-and-joy custom Tour Easy that I vowed I’d never sell. Never say never. Those of you that visited the Recumbent Blog are very familiar with this bike. It was built up from parts that I hand-picked and collected over the better part of a year. I like to imagine it’s what a Rivendell recumbent would look like if they built recumbents (they don’t). It’s a perfectly comfortable, smooth, and confidence inspiring bike that can be used for anything from commuting, to long distance touring, to toodling around the neighborhood. It handles wonderfully at low speeds, yet it runs as if it’s on rails at speeds over 25 mph.

The bike is in perfect condition and comes outfitted with a brand new, never-ridden set of Schwalbe “Marathon Racer” tires. Also included are an extra front fork, seat back mesh, and seat base foam/cover (all brand new). The Riv bags, water bottle cages, bell, and kickstand are not included. All other listed accessories are included. It’s being sold on consignment at Gold Country Cyclery in Shingle Springs, CA. Contact Rick Steele at Gold Country to set-up an appointment to see the bike or discuss pricing, shipping options, etc.

Tour Easy Frameset
Size: ML
Brake levers: Avid Speed Dial SL
Brakes: Avid Single Digit SL
Headset: Chris King
Shifters: Shimano Dura-Ace bar-end on Paul Thumbie Mounts
Derailleurs: R: Shimano XTR “Low Normal”, F: IRD Alpina F
Crank: 155mm Specialites T.A. Carmina, 24/36/46
Bottom Bracket: Specialites T.A.
Cassette: Shimano XT 11-34
Chain: Shimano Dura-Ace
Idler: Terracycle
Front Wheel: SON Dynamo Hub / 36h Velocity Razor
Rear Wheel: Phil Wood Cassette Hub / 36h Velocity Synergy
Tyres: Schwalbe Marathon Racer: 40/406, 35/622
Headlight: B&M Lumotec IQ Fly
Taillight: B&M DToplight Plus
Rear Rack: IRD Khyber Stainless Steel
Fenders: River City Full Wood
Grips: Velo Orange Cork
Fairing: Super Zzipper



RANS Stratus

This is the higher-end model with better components than the lower priced LE model that is currently available. Comes with a Mueller fairing, Sugino 165mm cranks, Paul Thumbies w/Dura-Ace bar-end shifters, Schwalbe Marathon Racers, RANS seat bag, B&M rear-view mirror, Greenfield kickstand, SS bottle cages, cork grips, brass bell, seat rail memory-loc, and Cateye computer. The bike is in very good condition. It’s being sold on consignment at Gold Country Cyclery in Shingle Springs, CA. Contact Rick Steele at Gold Country to set-up an appointment to see the bike or discuss pricing, shipping options, etc.

Size: Standard (fits 32.5″-43.5″ ex-seam)


21 Responses to “Two Recumbents For Sale”

  • Kevin Kavanagh says:

    Gasp! (And on so many different levels!)

  • Croupier says:

    Why sell your Easy Racer? You made it your own.

  • Alan says:


    “Why sell your Easy Racer? You made it your own.”

    It hasn’t been ridden in >3 months and I have a strong aversion to leaving nice bicycles sitting around unused. Hopefully it will go to a good home and get the attention it deserves.


  • Dale says:


    That TE is about THE most beautiful bike of it’s kind that I’ve ever seen. I’ve drooled over it since the first time I laid eyes on it.

    I’m very surprised that you’re selling it – but if YOU autograph it, that should make it worth about a grand more – what with your celebrity status and all. :- )

  • Kevin Kavanagh says:

    By the way, my “gasp” above is in no way a knock at the prices you’re asking; I think they’re very fair. Oh well, in the end, however beautiful any bike might be, it’s just an object, isn’t it. Someone will enjoy them both, and eventually they’ll wear out. To quote a favourite songwriter of mine, Bruce Cockburn, “I think it’s a sin to try and make things last forever/ Everything that exists in time runs out of time someday. …”

  • Kenneth Rhodes says:

    Alan, is the Stratus a Standard or XL?

  • Alan says:



  • Dolan Halbrook says:

    Seems like it would be worth your while to rebuild the SON wheel with a normal hub, and reuse the dynohub on one of your other bikes along with the IQ fly. I have that combo and love it, and a few wheel builds is waaay cheaper than re-buying one. Would go nicely on your LHT.

  • Thomas Barone says:


    I’ve been around here ” lurking” alomost since day one. I think you need to –take a break– I do not understand why you would want to sell this gorgeous bike. Time will pass and your present interest will change ( as they already have) but the bike will always be there for you to enjoy. ———- remenber –WHEN it’s GONE –It’s GONE FOREVER.

    I would reconsider selling and just ” put the bike to bed” for a while.

    No–No please don’t go!!!

    Tom Barone

  • Alan says:


    Hi Tom-

    Thanks for the advice. You may be right – I may live to regret selling the TE, but on the other hand, as nice as it is, it’s still just a bike, right? There’s always another nice bike around the corner… :-)


  • janfrid says:

    Hi Alan,

    Once again, I am shocked. Will these sales leave you recumbentless? I owe most of what I know about recumbents to you and Recumbent Blog. I enjoy what I am seeing here at Ecovelo, but I have had to move away from upright riding for orthopedic reasons. I can relate to the dilema of keeping bikes which are not being ridden. The TE is a fine creation of yours and will always be remembered as that. Good luck to you and the fortunate new owner.


  • Alan says:


    We’re keeping our Screamer tandem. It’ll be used for long rides in the country, touring, etc. Prior to purchasing the uprights, all of our longer recreational rides were on the tandem and our city riding was on the LWB recumbents. The only thing that has changed is that the uprights have supplanted the LWBs for city riding. It makes no sense to have over $4000 worth of unused bikes collecting dust in the garage.

    Best regards,

  • Eric Vann says:

    Ooh! A gorgeous Tour Easy. And it’s my size. But I have no room! The irony of me lusting after yet another bicycle while wagging my fingers at the conspicuous consumption of the purchaser of a Hummer is not lost on me.

  • Vik says:

    I just sold a great bike, but one I wasn’t using so I understand the desire to make the fleet smaller and to ensure a nice bike gets ridden.

  • Perry says:

    You’ve stunned me again, Alan. But it’s all good. I say go with it until it stops working and in your case, your new bikes are working better for you than the ‘bents. As much as I love my TE, I always remember that it is not a one-of-a-kind item, it is still being manufactured, and that it can always be replaced (pretty good availability through used bike market as well as new). So in your case, I’d make the same choice if it wasn’t being ridden much. Let someone else enjoy it and you get cash for other stuff. Keep the supply moving.

    PS. I heard from Tom about your get-together and and I am awaiting pics from him. I’m glad you guys met up and I hope we can join all of our Sac-area friends for a major reunion someday soon. Is there a place that serves up vegan Dim-Sum?

    Missing our west coast friends,
    Perry & Jo Ellen

  • Alan says:

    Hi Guys!

    Didn’t mean to scare you again.. ;-). As you know, our riding habits have dramatically changed, so we’re just adjusting the stable to fit the need. And anyway, I have you to keep the TE torch lit. :-)

    We had a fun time visiting with Tom and Bob. Great guys! It would be wonderful to get the whole gang together – it’s frustrating that you’re so far away! We’ll have to do some research on veggie Dim-Sum before next time..

    Take good care..
    Alan & Michael

  • Perry says:

    LOL. We will recover from “the scare.” Seriously, I understand what you are doing and I like it. Anything that replaces car miles is a great thing all the way around so I am big fan of your new approach and blog. PS, Tom raved about the Pashley’s ride.

  • Alan says:

    “Tom raved about the Pashley’s ride.”

    Cool. On paper it doesn’t look good at all (50 lbs, 5 speeds, low carbon steel, etc.), but it’s a super fun bike with a unique ride that gets you to where you need to go (and in style) so long as you’re not in a hurry and you keep it under 20 miles or so.

  • Dave says:

    Ack! Keep the TE. Basically, I just lurk here and formerly at the Recumbent Blog. In part, the Recumbent Blog got me interested in getting a recumbent (a Barcroft Virginia Ti). I use that bike for commuting, which I’m doing more often as a result of this website. Also, this website turned me on to cargo bikes and I just converted a bike using an Xtracycle kit, so now I can ride a bike to go shopping and for getting to the golf course. I think that since you recently picked up the Pashley and the Surly, they’re the bikes you’ll want to ride now but when the newness wears off, the TE won’t be so neglected. Building the TE was a labor of love, you should keep it. Any of the “typical car-free outing” activities would have been just as enjoyable on the TE as on the Surly. Anyway, that’s my $.02.
    Thanks for a couple of great websites.

  • andy parmentier says:

    i just wanted to weigh in about tour easys. i am SOOOO pleased with my tour easy. i have found a sweet spot of pulling/hanging onto the brake mounts of my handlebars-with my 2 middle fingers-which pulls me into the front edge of my cobra seat. (similar to pulling on the handlebars concept with a RANS DYNAMIK). yes, the only drawbacks to this bike are loss of momentum on hills, difficulty climbing steep and steady grades, difficulty transporting.

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