Business is Too Good

I keep hearing how well the industry is doing, how high gas prices are fueling high bike sales. In Portland, bike sales are so through the roof that Clever Cycles is closing their business for two weeks during the peak of cycling season because they’re out of almost all of their primary products and can’t restock fast enough! Not a bad problem to have!

From the Clever Cycles Blog:

Yes, we’re taking a vacation in the middle of the so-called bicycling season, 28 July to 11 August. Why? Because we expect to be sold out of nearly all our most popular products! We’re out of many of them already. (Bakfietsen? Xtracycles? Child seats? Certain Bromptons, Retrovelos etc…) It’s a combination of some of our suppliers being sold out themselves, and others being simply too far away for timely resupply. Sales have exceeded our most confident hopes; thank you! We’ve been hiring, and we’re still working at capacity, 7 days a week.

Read the full post at the Clever Cycles Blog.

2 Responses to “Business is Too Good”

  • fiets503 says:

    I love Clever Cycles. :)

  • andy parmentier says:

    stood outside the storefront of clever cycles, i did. on adrenaline, rode to the coast. but it turns out my bike is in need of a good overhaul. and now i’m in fort collins-you can view pictures of me riding no hands at the spring creek recumbents website.
    i do feel VERY clever riding no hands. i also ride my unicycle no hands. rob walton of spring creek rides one and sold me one.
    in “wallace and gromit” there is a line by wallace in “a close shave” towards the end when robodog is trying to make dogmeat out of everybody, and a clever sheep who’s been nothing but trouble hitherto redeems himself.
    so i’m hoping to be that sheep.
    andy who can never stick to the subject of chewing the cud set before him

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