Gallery: Alan’s Surly Long Haul Trucker

This is my new Surly Long Haul Trucker. The LHT is a popular bike for loaded touring and it also makes a capable city/commuter bike. Mine is mostly stock, but I’ve added a few accessories and modified the cockpit to suit my preferences. Additions include a Brooks B67 saddle, Nitto bars, cork grips, Real brake levers, MKS touring pedals, Nitto bottle cages, SKS fenders, Brooks mud flap, Tubus rack, and Japanese brass bell. —Alan

My LHT was purchased at Gold Country Cyclery in Shingle Springs, CA. Thanks Rick!

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  • Duane says:

    beautiful!! solid looking bike. i like the seat and hand grips. btw, the smoke from big sur has made it to the willamette valley *cough cough*. it must be very bad there.

  • Rick says:

    I love the way that bike looks! Very nice…

  • Alan says:


    Thanks Duane.

    You know, it finally cleared up here in Sac – we could actually see blue sky yesterday. Sorry to hear you’re getting it now.. :-(


  • Billy says:

    nice! what size is it?

  • Alan says:


    Thanks! 56cm..

  • Nanda says:

    What a beaut. Alan are those the Nitto chromoly Northroad handlebars…follows with the steel theme :) I couldn’t spot the red heat treated Nitto label in the middle, and they have a slightly different luster then the alloys.

  • Alan says:


    Thanks Nanda.

    Yes, they’re the “North Road” in cro-mo.


  • Croupier says:

    I was thinking, ‘What the heck does he mean by “real” brake levers? What’s a fake brake lever look like?’ Then I wised up and looked at the pictures. Cool bike, sir.

  • Alan says:


    “I was thinking, ‘What the heck does he mean by “real” brake levers? What’s a fake brake lever look like?’ Then I wised up and looked at the pictures. Cool bike, sir.”

    LOL… I’d never heard of “Real” either. I guess they were a small shop making nice machined parts along the lines of what Paul Components is doing. These are NOS. The cool thing about them is that, unlike most MTB levers on the market today that are designed for linear pull brakes, these were designed specifically to pull cantilevers. They feel great. They were compliments of my buddy Rick Steele at Gold Country Cyclery whose knowledge of obscure bike parts always amazes me.


  • Eric Vann says:

    A few weekends ago I rode Bike The Drive here in Chicago, IL. One of these bikes with a pretty strong rider whooshed past me on his way to the northern terminus of the event. It is a very nice looking bike! At the time I assumed it was a Rivendell until I took a closer look. Would love to own one of these one day.

  • Katie says:

    I love my Long Haul Trucker. It took me across France, it took me from Seattle to San Francisco, it took me up and down Wisconsin, and now it takes me my 9 miles to school along the Monterey Bay every day. Mine’s certainly lost that “new bike sheen” yours is exhibiting so remarkably, but it hasn’t failed me yet. Bike love!

  • Alan says:


    Thanks Katie! I’m looking forward to wearing off a little of that new bike sheen… :-)


  • Toby says:

    Alan, I just popped in from the trucker forum to say hi. “HI!” I don’t know what’s nicer; the bike, or the pictures of it, very nice! They do the bike justice.


  • Charles says:

    With all your coverage of cargo bikes, did you consider a Big Dummy? What made you choose the Long Haul Trucker? I’m curious because I think my next bike will be one of those two.

  • Alan says:


    We’re planning on purchasing a Big Dummy this Fall. The LHT is my main commuting bike now that the city has given me a bike locker at the train station (I’ll still take the Brompton on the days when I need transportation downtown). I would have used the Pashley but, believe it or not, it’s too big to fit in the bike locker.

    My wife and I almost always ride together when we run errands, so we have a fair amount of carrying capacity between 4 Basil panniers, a basket, a seat bag, and a handlebar bag. But there’s still the odd time when we take the car for oversized cargo that could have been carried on a Big Dummy.


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  • Dustin says:

    Hi! That’s a great setup you have created.

    I actually just ordered a Long Haul Trucker complete. I’m pretty new to bicycle accessories, and was wondering if you could give some idea of what size the SKS fenders are? I would like to purchase some and it seems they range from 35-50mm.

    Thank you so much!

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  • LHT Rider says:

    The are some really nice shots. They make me wish I got my Brooks B17 in brown instead of black.

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  • Ned says:

    Hi, Trying to decide the appropriate frame size for my height. How tall is the bike’s rider?

    I’m 5’11” and considering 56 and 58 cm frames. PBH is 34.5 inches. Any advice? No local stores stock fully built Surlys, so I may have to make a leap of faith.

    thanks for your time

  • Alan says:


    I’m 6’0″ with an 88.5cm PBH. I ride the 56.

    Top tube length, not standover height should be your deciding factor. At 5’11” you’re going to be stretched out pretty far on the 58. If you like being stretched out, it would certainly work for you, but I suspect most people at your height would probably prefer the 56, especially for city riding.


  • Ned says:

    thanks for the advice.


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  • Tony says:

    Good point, wonder too why the LHT doesn’t have a kickstand plate………I have read “somewhere” about clearance issues but that sure seems a stretch (no pun) as Rivendell is able to provide one their offerings.

    Anyways, I have a kickstand on all my bikes, plate be darned. Have one a 99 Bianchi Eros and 92 Miyata Elevation 200, both sans plates.

  • Dan says:

    Gorgeous LHT! I just picked up my new LHT last week. Can’t wait to personalize it.

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