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Planet Bike is a cool company. They offer a nice line-up of cycling accessories and their Superflash is by far the best little self-contained tail light on the market. What makes them unique though, is their policy of donating a full 25% of their company profits to grassroots cycling advocacy organizations:

Bicycling is good for both you and your community.  If we can transform our towns and cities into safe and convenient places to bike, we will use less gas, become more fit, and reduce traffic congestion.  This is the kind of world we at Planet Bike hope for.  That is why we support organizations that are turning this vision into reality.

Planet Bike helps out by donating 25% of company profits to grassroots bicycle advocacy groups. These groups of people lobby local, state and federal government to make our communities more bicycle friendly.   Learn more about how these folks are Making It Happen.

Since 1996 Planet Bike has donated over $500,000 to grassroots bicycle advocacy, and we aim to donate a total of $1,000,000 by 2010. Most of our money goes to the Thunderhead Alliance, a coalition of 128 bicycle advocacy groups across the nation that are working together to promote safe bicycling.

Grassroots advocacy has helped deliver some big wins for bicycling in the last few years. Help us keep making it happen. To further strenghten bicycling in your community, here are 5 Things You Can Do.

3 Responses to “Planet Bike”

  • Christina says:

    Good to know! I like to support companies like this so thanks for making me aware of their cycling advocacy.

  • Rick says:

    Cool! I will be getting a superflash to replace my cateye that I have taped with flue tape! Right in my price range, and 100 hrs on 2 AAAs is awesome!

    It is nice that they are donating profits to causes helpful to cycing. I can’t quite understand it…but I like it!

  • Alan says:

    I suspect, in the long run, it’s good for business, both is terms of advertising for their company and increasing bike use in general.


    PS – The Superflash is a great little light. The blinking mode is amazing.

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