Henry WorkCycles

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Henry Workcycles in Amsterdam are builders and retailers of bakfiets, workbikes, and hand-built city bikes. What I find intriguing about WorkCycles (besides their exquisite products) is the fact that owner Henry Cutler is an American expatriate living and working in Amsterdam, building and selling traditional Dutch bicycles. You can read more about his interesting story on his blog, Bakfiets en meer:
[ Part 1 | Part 2 ]

Here’s the WorkCycles philosophy (from their website):

The bicycle is a perfect example of the beautiful minimalism the world should adopt to continue forward. We thus promote everyday cycling amongst individuals, families and enterprises by supplying the most practical, beautiful and affordable bicycles possible and by providing an unmatched level of service.

We cooperate closely with small, quality-oriented, Dutch manufacturers such as Azor, Bakfiets and Nijland to develop special bicycles that extend the capabilities of their riders and make daily cycling as attractive as possible.

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