New Amsterdam Project

Boston’s New Amsterdam Project provides green, human-powered freight and delivery services. They design and build their own custom cargo bikes and other special purpose HPVs. A partial list of their clients includes Boston Organics, Fiore di Nonno, Harvard University, Lionette’s Market, Silverbrook Farm, Taza Chocolates, and University Florist.

The NAP Mission Statement:

The New Amsterdam Project was created in 2006 in order to facilitate the cultivation of habits that reduce dependence on fossil fuel.

American dependence on fossil fuel is correlated with:

  1. potentially disastrous environmental transformations
  2. adverse economic impacts
  3. profound social problems
  4. compromised physical and emotional health
  5. reduced security
  6. problematic and destructive foreign policy

The New Amsterdam Project aims to improve the transportation experience by encouraging and facilitating movement that:

  1. is less destructive to the natural world
  2. enhances economic security
  3. is pro-social
  4. optimizes physical and emotional health
  5. is consistent with American energy independence
  6. repairs the credibility of the American people and the nation at home and abroad

Human-powered freight services are not a replacement for long-distance trucking companies, but they provide an eco-friendly and efficient alternative for local delivery within a city center.

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2 Responses to “New Amsterdam Project”

  • KevinInBoston says:

    I belong to a CSA in Cambridge that has teamed up with the New Amsterdam Project to deliver the CSA food to people who are unable to make it to the pickup spot (or too busy, too lazy, etc). (They probably don’t have too many takers, as most CSA-ers that I see are either pretty young or in good shape, or both, but I can see it being convenient for some people out there). I hope New Amesterdam is able to flourish… the fewer delivery trucks on the street the better it is for us bicyclists!

  • Robb says:

    Goldarnit! someone stole another of my ideas! Of course this just occurred to me 6 months ago so they must have retroactively stole it from me. clever critters I’ll give em that.

    In all seriousness, this is just what we need in our big urban centers. Small towns like mine can make do with carts pulled by mammoth donkeys. And rail service.

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