AB2971 – Fair Share for Safety Bill

From the California Bicycle Coalition:

Assembly Bill 2971, CBC’s Fair Share for Safety bill, is headed to the Senate following a largely party-line vote on May 28 by the full Assembly.

Bicyclists and pedestrians account for 20 percent of fatalities in vehicle collisions in California, yet far less than 20 percent of state transportation safety funds go toward preventing these deaths. Authored by Assembly Transportation Committee Chair Mark DeSaulnier, the bill would require Caltrans to allocate federal safety funding in proportion to the state’s vehicle collision fatality statistics.

In response to concerns raised in the Assembly Appropriations Committee, the language that would have required proportional spending was removed. However, “Caltrans sees the importance of this issue,” says CBC Legislative Committee Chair Stephan Vance. “This bill has given CBC an opportunity to have serious and productive discussions with Caltrans about how they allocate transportation safety funds. I think this legislation could to lead to real changes.”

I’m glad to see this bill make it through the Assembly. The elephant in the room is the shocking 20% statistic; obviously we need to address cyclist and pedestrian safety in a big way in California.

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