Cycle Truck

Photo © James Black

Aw what the heck, here’s one more for ya. This one is the “Cycle Truck” from David Wilson Industries.

3 Responses to “Cycle Truck”

  • Roland Smith says:

    Now that’s an interesting design.

    But again no chainguard and lights, making it less then ideal for daily use.
    I mean come on, how many cars have the driveshaft running unprotected through the cabin?

  • DrMekon says:

    That looks very similar to the Kemper-Velo Lorri, which does have a chainguard, mudguards and lights.

    He designs a bunch of the bikes that De Fietsfabriek and ‘t Mannetje make.

    A slightly more funky take on the same concept is the Dutch ID Double Dutch

    I’ve not seen any around, and I’ve not come across any reviews, so please don’t take this as an endorsement!

  • Robb says:

    Looks great! I’ve been looking at various cargo bike/trikes for trucking my farmers market kit around and this is an option I wasn’t aware of.

    I stumbled across Worksman Cycles after seeing an old cargo trike around town–anyone know anything about this outfit? I’d like to buy american and the price certainly is right!

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