California Cycle Chic

A little cycle chic, California style. Inspiration provided by our friends over at Copenhagen Cycle Chic:

“It’s social documentary and bike advocacy in high heels. Daily life in the world’s cycling capital, Copenhagen, where 36% of the citizens ride their bike each day on an advanced network of bike lanes. This blog highlights who they are and how bikes are an inseparable part of our streets and our culture. And how a normal bike culture doesn’t involve lycra, expensive gear and fancy bikes.” —Copenhagen Cycle Chic

The style may be different but the concept is the same: bikes as an integral part of everyday life.

4 Responses to “California Cycle Chic”

  • Geoff says:

    GREAT Copenhagen blog site, Alan…!! Thanks for sharing this one.

  • meli says:

    thats a cute shot.

  • Charlotte says:

    Great image, makes me homesick for CA. I know just how it smells right there where the photo is taken – of grass and oleander and warm pavement and warm wind coming down off of golden hills. Man I’m homesick!

    Thanks for the image.

  • Glenn ( dad) says:

    What a great pic ty

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