Gallery: Brian’s 1967 Dunelt

My brother the recumbent enthusiast urged me to send you a shot of my utillitarian attorney transport. It’a 1967 Dunelt (Raleigh clone) with the three speed Sturmey Archer hub (of course) and was found at the local Goodwill for $.99. Really. The front fender was pretzelized last summer so we dropped some PlanetBike fenders on it so they’d both match. A single front fender on eBay goes for $65 right now. It can wait. It has a twin in my wife’s bike, acquired off eBay a few weeks after we got mine. Near as we can figure, they were built within a few months of each other. We have a bid on a chainguard for hers on eBay right now. —Brian

[99 cents… I could never be so lucky. Cool bike(s)! —ed.]

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