A First Ride

My Mother-in-law (aka Nana) had both of her knees replaced last year. It’s been a slow road coming back, but she’s doing great and she’s in a far better place now than she was before her operation. In recent months she’s expressed an interest in increasing her exercise level, either through swimming or possibly a bike, so on her most recent birthday we surprised her with a new delta trike. Today was her first real outing on the trike. We wanted to make it a fun time, so we turned it into a picnic ride.

At around lunchtime we rode the bikes to the grocery store to pick up lunch, which included deli sandwiches, pasta salad, chips, drinks, and Australian licorice for dessert. From there we headed over to Nana’s to meet her for the short ride to our picnic park. The ride from her place to the park was only about 2/3 of a mile, but for someone that could barely walk a year ago and hasn’t been on a bike in decades, it was quite an accomplishment.

The park was beautiful, lunch was yummy, the weather was perfect, and we were blessed with a show of multi-colored dragonflies, hummingbirds, squirrels, quail, and hawks circling overhead. But the best part of the trip was seeing Nana’s face lit up, and hearing her talk about all the places she wants to ride her new trike. She’s already talking about doing her grocery shopping with the trike, and she’s trying to figure out how to get all of her senior friends on trikes too (they all came by the other night to ogle her trike).

As we left her this afternoon she was already planning another ride for this evening. We had to remind her to take it slow and not overdo it. It’s pretty amazing to see her so excited and we couldn’t be happier for her.

9 Responses to “A First Ride”

  • Duane says:

    great story alan!

  • Rick says:

    Really nice! You really know how to get in good with the Mother-in-Law! Here’s to her many future trips to the grocery store.

  • jofegaber says:

    Three Hurra by Nana!


    You are an extraordinary family!

  • Perry says:


  • Alexander López says:

    Oh, yes: cycling is infectious. In a good way.

    That trike looks so good, and the basket just says “fill me up!”. But being a recumbent fan, I thought you were getting her a Greenspeed or a Hase-Kettweisel… just kidding!

    Nothing like seeing the elder members of the family smile, isn’t it?

  • Tim Guthrie says:

    Great, insparational story. Good for her !!!!

  • KevinH says:

    Too Cool!
    Best of luck to her.

  • andy parmentier says:

    a. when my little nephew nurses, he has..______(nanas)
    b. when i was little, i called orange juice.._____(ny)
    c. when my other nephew was little, he was crying one day and i gave him orange juice to comfort him. he starting calling me…_________(ny) which was his word for “nice”

    -ny bob

    later on, i called him ray-bob and he called me ny-bob. and later on after that, i met my friend’s parents named “ny” and “bob” (in philly)
    ray bob’s great grandmother from mindanao was “nanai”
    i’ve been to “nanaimo” and “ny, ny”

    3 generations-one in the front? 2 in the back

  • Charmaine says:

    This was a great story! And even greater to see a senior getting around on a bike – and inspiring her to even more rides! :) You’re NEVER too OLD to RIDE!! :)

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