Fuel Economy

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This photo of bikelovejones’ Xtracycle just about says it all.

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8 Responses to “Fuel Economy”

  • Geoff says:

    If that’s a bumper sticker, where can we get ‘em ??

  • Tom says:

    Stickers and patches, but no goats, here: http://www.zeropergallon.com/

  • Geoff says:

    What a terrific idea, I thought, until I got to the guy’s website and the ordering page. Maybe being 65 and a bit conservative is why I’m kind of shocked and offended by profanity. This guy’s glibness is silly, immature, and unprofessional for a ‘businessman’, so I think I’ll pass, thanks…

  • Alan says:


    I just chalked it up to a bit of irreverent “urban bike culture”; didn’t really offend me. I bought five…


  • arcadiagt5 says:


    Not that old but have to agree with you. Cool idea but I can do without the attitude that comes with it

  • jason says:

    I actually find the product fairly offensize, or at least obnoxious, on the bike. in my bike room, yes, it would be cool over the stand, where I and a few friends or visitors who know more about me could see it.
    I equate it to loud pipes on harleys. just another way of screaming “look at me, up yours, my idiom is far better than your own”.
    as one of the only full time bicycle users in a hilly tourist town, I feel I should keep the tone a little more dignified, less fanatical tree huggerish. you catch a lot more flies with sugar than with vinager.

  • Tim Guthrie says:

    Cycling to work, or for errands should be down right conservative, using your own power, excercising freedom, and a display of strength and resolve. It is the ultimate in being self sufficient.

    Many will ignore the idea of cycling for transportation, not wanting to be associated with some of what they have seen from us. Cycling will not be mainstream until we are seen as mainistream. It is cultural. Biking in the south, and in rural areas the contrast is somewhat greater because most folks are more culturaly conservative. Most people don’t look for solutions from ‘other cultures’ most desire a certain degree of at least preceived normalcy, and many cycling advocates flaunt (as is their right) their ‘alternative cultures’ and cycling for transportation is damaged by being out of cultural norms.

    What they need to see is ‘normal’ people cycling for transportation. Cycling advocates need to promoate how ‘normal’ folks are finding benefits by pedaling instead of driving.

    None of the above was meant to be offensive, or a value judgement, just my observation as a conservative who has spent part of the last 20 years cycling in rural areas.

  • Alan says:

    Hi Tim,

    I agree with your observations.

    One other idea to consider.. Around here, a majority (not all) of the people cycling strictly for transportation do so either because they can’t afford a car or they lost their driver’s license due to multiple DUIs. Consequently, there seems to be a stigma associated with hauling stuff around on your bike, particularly if it’s a beater.


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