Gallery: Jun’s Kona Blast Xtracycle

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Our workbike / school bus:

A Kona Blast, Ford Focus Edition, with added Xtracycle Free Radical extension.

This bike was offered by Ford as an optional extra for a MTB themed car.  I got one on eBay, since at the time, it was by far the cheapest bike with dual disc brakes available. After moving to the big city, it has been repurposed as a cargo bike. It also does school bus duties with the addition of a stoker stem and bar, so that my daughters can hang on for dear life.  This setup is much more agile than either a bike with trailer, or the double kid back recumbent tandem that we use for recreational riding.

Component spec is low end MTB Shimano; basic 3×9 gearing. I added a cut down straight bar and Cane Creek bar ends which suited my off road riding. This setup works equally well in the city. Seating comfort is enhanced with a cut down camping foam pad. Full fenders keep it comparatively clean.

The comparison to a pick up truck is apt. It hauls a surprising amount of stuff, though I have to be careful to keep it all strapped down. Also, it is very easy to unweight the rear wheel under braking if the bike is unloaded.


2 Responses to “Gallery: Jun’s Kona Blast Xtracycle”

  • Swizz... says:

    They look like a really good idea.

    How does it handle without any load on the back out of interest?

  • Roland Smith says:

    Great bike for hauling gear! (and kids)

    Looking at the xtracycle rack, you could haul a ton of stuff. But I wonder how the back wheel will cope in the long run? Since almost all the extra load is concentrated on it.

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