Million Mile May

The Sacramento Region May is Bike Month program encourages area residents to ride their bikes and log the miles on the website, with the hope of reaching one million total cycling miles for the month of May. This year, for the first time, Sacramento region cyclists broke the million mile mark, logging a total of 1,200,386 miles! (Totals from the past three years were: 2007 – 926,638; 2006 – 627,593; and 2005 – 476,164).

This year’s miles break down as follows:

  • Recreation: 675,798
  • Commuting: 465,266
  • Errands: 48,852
  • Work Trips: 10,647

Commute and errand miles reduced global-warming CO2 by 475,881 pounds, and reduced other air pollution by 6,611 pounds. Gas consumption was reduced by 24,478 gallons, saving approximately $95,219.74. (Source: Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District)

Breaking the million mile mark was an amazing accomplishment for region cyclists. Now for next year, let’s shoot for a higher percentage of commute and errand miles.

One Response to “Million Mile May”

  • Lief says:

    Great job to Sacramento riders!

    You may also be happy to hear news of the 2008 Group Health Commute Challenge in Seattle.
    Final numbers haven’t been posted for May but so far the Challenge shows over 1 million miles ridden by commuters. Just under nine thousand riders participated this year and the Starbucks Bike to Work Day (May 16th this year) counted 24,000 riders, an increase of 20% over last year. Also of note, Bike To School participation nearly doubled over last year to approximately 1600 strong.
    Final event details will, I am sure, eventually be posted / linked on this page:

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