SCC Folding Bike Subsidy

To help alleviate the bike rack overcrowding that often causes cyclists to be left at bus stops, Santa Cruz County, CA, in conjunction with three area bike shops, is offering up to $200 off on folding bikes for multi-modal commuters (folding bikes are allowed on board all Metro buses, even during peak hours). All Santa Cruz County residents are eligible; the only requirement is attendance at a free, 2-hour bicycle safety training class. Now that’s my kind of subsidy (if only I lived in Santa Cruz)! Visit Ecology Action for more information.

One Response to “SCC Folding Bike Subsidy”

  • Buck at Easy Racers, Inc. says:

    Hey, that’s our neck of the woods. Speaking of folding bicycles stop by Easy Racers if you’re in the neighborhood and check out our EcoBikes. They’re a ton of fun and a great way to get to where you need to be.

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