Terry’s Commute Story

Thirty years ago I lived in a bush town near Kalgoorlie in Western Australia and worked at a nickel mine some 10km from my home I had a choice of commutes; eiher via the main road or through the bush.

Once I’d bought myself one of the earliest model Mountain bikes, the bush route became easily the more popular. I could tell you a thousand stories of my daily rides to and from the mine, from low level bombing raids from the local bird population, to a face to face confrontation with a very beautiful and very deadly Dugite (Snake).

When I reached the mine, my bicycle was the only one to be seen. We had a workforce of about 150 men all of whom drove to work. I was considered to be at least slightly eccentric or, more often, raving mad.

That was thiry years ago. Last year I returned to my old haunts and visited the mine. There would have been up to 20 bikes leaning against the fence. I doubt that the miners are more inclined to exercise, rather that the increase in cycling to work has been brought about by higher petrol prices.

Now I am retired so my commute days are over, which, happily, gives me more time to ride my bikes. —Terry

One Response to “Terry’s Commute Story”

  • andy parmentier says:

    yesterday i test rode a rans crank forward. in alaska last summer, a bike caught my eye. a wildfire designs fatbike. like a surly. unicycling.com informed me that i had chosen a city with
    george peck connections-he started the off road unicycling movement. he’s the gary fisher of unicycling. and for 2 feet, look up PARKOUR. it’s not just for the city-it’s the mountain biking of the 2 soled set. like “singin in the rain”-like shakespeare said, ALL the world’s a stage. shakespeare just had a birthday-which relates to a dream i had in alaska (2005 in the panhandle). dreamt i had 4 of a kind-four 4’s. i woke up and the clock said 4:44:45. shakespeare just turned 444. it’s a good 4 wheel drive connection. if you’re into that kind of thing. i prefer odd numbers. but a 2 wheelers is my idea of 4 wheelin’

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