Gallery: Surly LHT

The Surly Long Haul Trucker is a popular choice for loaded touring, but it also makes a wonderful commuter, particularly for those that live in hilly terrain and have a need for wide range gearing. This attractive 56cm LHT was just built-up for a customer by my friend Rick Steele at Gold Country Cyclery.

2 Responses to “Gallery: Surly LHT”

  • Alexander López says:

    One question: which size of wheel would you prefer to use for a hilly terrain?

    Right now I have a 26″ mountain bike, but I understand smaller wheels are better when starting from a stop. That could be useful for myself since I have to deal with uphill traffic lights when returning home. Also, I think I should change the aggressive off-road tires for something more comfortable.

    Any thoughts?

  • Alan says:

    It’s a trade-off – smaller wheels do accelerate faster than larger wheels, but they don’t tend to hold their speed as well. Frankly, I don’t think the difference is significant enough to be concerned about.

    On the other hand, changing from an off-road knobby tire to a lightweight road tire will provide a fairly dramatic benefit. Maybe look at the Schwalbe; they offer a wide selection of general purpose and touring tires that will fit your 26″ rims.

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