Gallery: David’s Bernds Tandem

Photo courtesy of Velo Vision © 2008 George Ferguson

I posted you a pic of my Nazca Fuego a few months ago for the Recumebnt Blog. Now that you have started a new project I thought you may be interested in this. I use this Bernds Tandem design around Edinburgh, Scotland. Still in production with some alts. Rohloff, Schmidt, Hope components. Was featured in Velo Vision a while back. Pretty worn now but an interesting take on making a compact tandem that can carry loads. Carrying two people is only half of what it can do. Pic here shows that you can carry a large bag over frame. Course it takes panniers front and back for touring but for quick use a bag with straps is so much easier. Rear wheel folds so it can fit on a train. Looks weird but makes it same length as standard bike. We don’t have a car so it does get used and can take a wide range of riders. Regards and well done on both your sites. Very nicely photographed and presented.

Many thanks to Velo Vision (my favorite magazine) for use of the main photo and the first two smaller photos. Visit their website and consider a subscription! And many thanks to David for sharing his interesting Bernds with us – cool bike! —Alan

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  • David G says:

    Just to point out a couple of extra about the design.
    When I said it was ‘pretty worn’ I meant in a good way. Fact is that tandems can wear chains like no other bikes. My first tandem was the excellent Thorn Voyager – 21 speed childback edition. I did find that the rear derailleur took a lot of punishment and chains would sufffer as gear changes were frequent. If you use a tandem as a means of transport then half the time you may ride with rear unladen. The light rear of the bike will bounce up and down and cause the chain to jump gears. Of course this can be overcome but the Rohloff does keep it all in line and puts weight far back where it counts for traction. So with the Bernds you cycle, drop off and get going with no fuss.
    I also found that with a trad tandem carrying or moving the bike got oil on my clothes. Withe Bernds drive is all onb one side so you can pick up and put over shoulder. Frame is large diameter steel but it doesn’t weigh too much. Around 42lbs with all gear on board.
    Running 20″ wheels is not a problem either as tyre choice has improved.
    Rear rider has benefit of small suspension block so it’s very comfy.

    May look like a toy but it does the job and has been with us to France, Norway, Shetlands, Orkneys and Hebrides. Laden up with four panniers + back box. Rear panniers have to be hung well back as heels can catch.
    Fits trains as solo bike. Most trains in UK ban tandems and space is very tight anyway.

    Can also fit in a car easily when folded (or unfolded if you own something bigger).

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