Call for Commute Stories

I’ve created a “Commute Stories” category to house readers’ stories from the road. I’m a big believer in sharing knowledge and I know we have a lot to learn from one another, so if you’re willing to share your bike commuting story, I’d love to post it here on EcoVelo. Just send your write-up in the body of an e-mail to, and if you have an accompanying photo, please attach it to the same. Thanks!

3 Responses to “Call for Commute Stories”

  • Geoff Steele says:

    After 26 years of commuting into Washington, DC, I have enough memories to do a book…and now that I’m retired, perhaps that will become a ‘project.’ One recollection is sitting on my modified Peugeot ‘commuterized’ road bike at 16th and K Streets downtown… in the pouring rain…as a motorcade carrying President Reagan passed through this intersection on its way to the Mayflower Hotel for some evening event. No fewer than about a dozen cars and black SUVs were in the procession, including three long limos marked with the Presidential seal. Reagan was on one of the cars (several typically were used to foil possible attempts to kill him). This event occurred after the assasination attempt on his life, so enormous extra precautions now were being taken in every public event. There was probably enough firepower in those 9 support vehicles to start a small war someplace. Two of the SUVs had ports in their roofs and video cameras and operators were exposed, filming the procession from the White House to the Hotel. It was like a scene from “Clear and Present Danger.” From the West Gate White House to the hotel entrance driveway is only about 4 blocks ! I waved a sopping wet hand as the limos went by, my little gesture of support and encouragement to my President and the other warm, dry occupants of the cars. Then I sloshed onward toward home, grateful that my tax dollars were supporting so much of the American economy. Just remembering…..
    Geoff Steele

  • andy parmentier says:

    i worked in alaska last summer, commuting by unicycle. which worked greatas a hitchbiking
    option. i’d ride to the base of the homer spit, and start thumbing. did a lot of walking-i callit
    unihiking. my faithful one-wheeled companion at my side.
    i’ve done the two wheeled commute, working at an apple orchard back in the 80’s with my first recumbent, a red tour easy. the ride was long, and i’d be late. i switched to dishwashing, and fishwashing, and plane washing..i’ve done car washing. my favorite state
    IS washing-ton state. i love cloudy cover. i’ve done all these jobs where i’m leaning on something (a cash register, a car, a dish machine) which i call, “restful standing” the counterpart to “active sitting” which we all know as bicycling, but there’s also cool active
    sitting chairs out there. and i’m using an entertainment center as a restful standing desk.

  • Alan says:

    Cool stories guys.

    Geoff – I think you should do that book.

    Andy – Interesting serendipity.. I just yesterday morning crossed paths with a fellow on one of those high-tech unicycles with what looked like a 28″ or larger wheel. I don’t know anything about them, but I was amazed how fluid and efficient he looked on his one-wheeler. That’s the first time I’ve encountered one on the road.


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