Gallery: Mike’s Independent Fabrications Ti ClubRacer

Attached are pictures of my everyday, all around, go anywhere bike. The bike is a custom Independent Fabrications ClubRacer in Ti. It is used for commuting to local meetings, running errands with a trailer, brevets, overnights to the in-laws – and this fall it will see its first lightly loaded tour through the Adirondack mountains. It is my vehicle of choice when traveling alone (I usually have my little one in the bakfiets). The frame was designed for all day comfort as a long distance machine. I’ve mixed and matched parts to suit my riding – a TA Carmina double in 94 BCD so I can achieve low gears for trailer pulling or touring mates with a Campy 10sp rear end, controlled by Ergolevers in carbon to slow the cold from seeping into my fingers during our variable spring and fall. A Brooks Swallow is my saddle of choice – but I’ve been experimenting with a more upright position and have liked the B17 and the Selle AnAtomica. Pedals go on and off from clipless to MKS Sylvans, sometimes with powergrips. The fenders are Honjo, brakes long reach Shimano, and the lights are dual E6s powered by a SON dyno. A black leather mudguard is in the works to match newly acquired black leather bar tape. I mix and match the Ortlieb seat bag or Carradice SQR Tour bag with an Ortlieb handlebar bag – depending on what I want to carry. —Mike

2 Responses to “Gallery: Mike’s Independent Fabrications Ti ClubRacer”

  • Steve Katona says:

    I’m not sure yet about the change as I am a recumbent enthusiast and you had the best thing going on the web. But I’ll give you some more time. So far I am usually interested. My comment is that everyone looking for a utility bike for grocery store, drugstore, library, etc. should look at the Electra series. I have a Greenspeed X3, a Volae Century that I modified and really enjoy riding–I can keep up with my wife on her Cannondale, no problem–but neither were the right utility, jump on in street clothes and run an errand bike. My Townie 7sp ($440) with 2 grocery panniers fits the bill. I even choose it some days just for a pleasure ride on our long paved bike path that follows the Rio Grande. BTW, if I didn’t make it clear, your efforts are first class, interesting and valuable to the public and our current situation.

  • Swizz... says:

    I agree Steve in that the old blog was (and still is to pop back and browse!) a great recumbent site, and was equally gutted when Alan called time on it.

    Agree also though that this new site is proving just as interesting and fascinating in equal measure. Its extremely relevant, more so than its predecessor in that the issue isn’t just the bike. The articles so far are all inspirational & its nice to see ‘bents still have a place in the mix too, and more importantly Alan – its all still ‘dangerous’ enough to keep us all coming back for more ;>)

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