Gallery: Mike’s Bakfiets

Our family bike is a classic Bakfiets long imported through Henry WorkCycles. (I was hoping to start a business here in Burlington, VT bringing these bikes to market – – but I’m currently enjoying being a new dad!). 

We bought the bike anticipating our little one’s arrival and use the bike for errands around town. The bike comes equipped with a Nexus 8 speed hub, roller brakes and a bottle dyno upfront. I’ve swapped cogs to obtain a very low gear range for our hilly terrain – I’ll often spin out on some downhills – but I can work my way up College Street with a 150 lb load. A 26″ wheel supports the rear and a 20″ wheel with steering linkage keeps our cargo and center of gravity low. We’ve had 200 lbs. of people up front and the rear rack is rated for another 75 lbs. (this is in addition to the pilot!) I’ve upgraded to an LED front light and added a Brooks saddle and cork grips. The Clarjis traditional kid / cargo cover keeps my cargo (and my little one!) toasty warm and dry in the mixed spring weather – we’ve been out in both the rain and in near freezing temperatures. I’ve moved my large Ortliebs to the Bak for my daddy supplies, groceries, and library books. Upon arrival of our little one we removed the children’s bench seat from the box and mounted her car seat.

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Good luck with the new blog!

5 Responses to “Gallery: Mike’s Bakfiets”

  • Swizz... says:

    Congratulations on the new arrival & nice bike also :>)

  • Geoff Steele says:


    See the KidZbike, made by Brown Cycles out west (Denver??). It’s a similar concept, though not with the low-slung tube and the cargo bin. These would be quite popular with folks who want to bike to their local supermarket to buy food when gas gets to $ 10 a gallon.

    I think you’re on to something here…


  • Concretin Nik says:

    As a new dad meself, that is AWESOME! I’ve been brainstorming sidecar design ideas for a PhatCycles chopper cruiser (XR3AL), as well as how to customize a trailer. But that is a really nice configuartion. Congrats on parenthood and good luck with the biz!

  • ecovelo « littlecircles says:

    […] on by. You’ll find our Bakfiets in the gallery, along with my IF, rigged for utility and rando […]

  • Michael Ehrenreich says:

    Have you looked into the Zigo Leader Carrier Bike? It has all the features of a conventional bakfiets, but also converts to a stroller, trailer, jogger, or bike, and folds. I know you already purchased your bike…but consider it for the future!

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